RealCare Baby & Empathy Belly Rentals

Terms & Conditions
A Unique Project Educated Pre-Parenting

Rental period begins on the day that you receive the baby simulator or empathy belly and supplies (delivery confirmation provides this information for us).
You will keep the rental items for the appropriate amount of days & nights per your rental contract term (i.e. 5-Day rental means that you will keep the items 4 nights & return ship on the afternoon of the 5th day). Ship all items back to us in the same boxes in which they arrived, via UPS or USPS Priority Mail. We ask that the same padded protection be included inside of the box (just as it was delivered), to avoid damage. We will note the postmarked date of the box in which the items are returned to us. It is imperative that our rental clients are courteous in returning the rental items as scheduled, to accomodate the next rental client and avoid late charges.

The baby simulators are tough little tikes built to withstand a pretty good amount of jostling, but the baby is an electronic device which can be damaged by improper care. Acceptance of this project means you accept financial responsibility if items are lost, damaged, or destroyed.

If we receive the Baby simulator back in non-working condition, but can repair it; We will only invoice for the part(s) required to repair the doll. We do not charge a labor fee for repairs. We have an excellent in-house repair team which has been incredibly successful repairing damaged simulators.
Rental clients are contracted to properly care for and return ALL rental items. Our company has experienced theft attempts in the past and our Business Insurer requires that rental clients complete and return their rental contract before we ship rental items. Please keep in mind that our business ships out very expensive infant simulators and pregnancy simulators to anyone in the United States and Canada with no security deposit. Our Rental Contract is used by law enforcment to retrieve the rental items when a theft attempt occurs. The replacement cost for each of our rental products is nearly $1,000.00; which is why many organizations charge a $250+ security deposit when leasing out these items.

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