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Our least expensive daily rental is $19.66 per day, 15-Day Rental. Our rentals are offered to the general public, schools, organizations, classes, individual, and groups throughout the United States for them to take advantage of this incredible project. Please visit homeschoolbabies.com/special to view special offers with no discount code required. Our home delivery service is available to Alabama, AL, Montana, MT, Nebraska, NE, Arizona, AZ, Nevada, NV, Arkansas, AR, New Hampshire, NH, California, CA, New Jersey, NJ, Colorado, CO, New Mexico, NM, Connecticut, CT, New York, NY, Delaware, DE, North Carolina, NC, Iowa, IA, South Carolina, SC, Kansas, KS, South Dakota, SD, Florida, FL, North Dakota, ND, Georgia, GA, Ohio, OH, Oklahoma, OK, Idaho, ID, Oregon, OR, Illinois, IL, Pennsylvania, PA, Indiana, IN, Rhode Island, RI, Kentucky, KY, Tennessee, TN, Louisiana, LA, Texas, TX, Maine, ME, Utah, UT, Maryland, MD, Vermont, VT, Massachusetts, MA, WY, Virginia, VA, Michigan, MI, Washington, WA, Missouri, MO, Wyoming, Minnesota, MN, West Virginia, WV, Mississippi, MS, Wisconsin, WI.
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