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RealCare Baby Think It Over and Empathy Belly group rentals available nationwide to schools and homeschool groups. The rental service is for adults and teens and can be situated as a sleepover project for teens or classroom and home setting for adults. Group rentals are significantly discounted. The Baby Think It Over program was created as a unique and priceless project. This computer baby is a great introduction for people that have never cared for a baby or attended parenting class. The fake baby belly is especially created to provide the look and feel of being pregnant, including the weight! We rent all of these Realityworks items to adults and teens in the united states and canada. Can be used for autistic teens and autistic adults to prepare for parenting for positive mental health. Originally introduced as a teen pregnancy prevention program using a Baby Think It Over doll, the updated Realcare Baby requires actual care around the clock. The computerized Real Care Baby doll requires proper handling and infant care. If you're pregnant, let us help with your new baby training. RealCare Baby Think It Over group rental program for adults and teens. We have Empathy Belly rentals for men and women.



RealCare Baby and Empathy Belly rentals

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